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March's Connection Challenge!!

In today’s fast paced living we’ve replaced conversations and really relating to one another with quick texts, wall posts, and the occasional email. What I discovered in last month’s challenge of writing letters and skipping the facebook was that people still crave that personal attention and care of a real connection. With friendly letter writing such a rarity it meant more to people to receive a personal handwritten note because it meant someone took an extra bit of time to really focus on them and write encouraging words, pay postage, and walk to the mail box to drop it in rather than quickly sending an electronic message while waiting in line somewhere. With this realization I have decided that March’s Challenge will take this personal attention with friends and family a bit farther.

March’s ChallengeI’m going to be actually using my phone for what is was initially invented for—phone calls! I really want to connect with people not just quickly get to the point and pop off the line …