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Just Walk In by Natasha Medina

In my personal Bible study the past 5 weeks I’ve been studying the Exodus and journey of the Israelites with Moses toward Canaan. Today was the beginning of week 6 in the study where Moses hands the baton to Joshua as becomes God’s chosen leader of Israel. One of the first contrasts noted is the difference in reaction of the two men when they were called. In Exodus 3 where Moses is called by God Himself Moses seems to almost try and talk God out of choosing him for a leader. He brings us all kinds of “if” situations and excuses why he shouldn’t be the man. In Exodus 17:10 where we first meet Joshua we see none of this excuse giving; instead we see obedience and a “just do it” kind of attitude. Thirty-eight years later we see Joshua take on the responsibility of leading the Israelites into the Promised Land with that same courageous spirit and attitude that he had when taking up the fight against the Amalekites. In today’s study I noticed a common theme of belief and courage. Believin