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Jack the Giraffe & The Bucket List

I read this book several years ago called The 4:8 Principle by Tommy Newberry and one of the things the author encouraged to do is to make a list of all the things you’ve ever want to do, have, or be-so I did. Me being me then divided my list into categories after I was done and now I have several lists-one of them being my “Dream To Do” list. You may have something like this already. Maybe your list is written down or maybe it’s just a list of stuff swimming through your head. Some people call their dream “to do” list their Bucket List or list of things they want to do before they kick the bucket.
I’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to check off some things on my bucket list. That’s the beauty of having it written down. I recommend you write yours down and look at it often. Out of sight, out of mind is true but so is the opposite. The more you have something in your sight, the more likely you are to make it happen.
Some things leave my list from time to time because they ar…

Where We Come From

I have this awesome picture of my grandmother riding a camel in front of a pyramid. She obviously was in Egypt at the time that picture was taken. As a kid, and even when I got older, I used to love hearing her stories of visiting “The Holy Lands”, eating snake on a plane (no joke), and people at the table getting their plates taken away too soon because of the way they placed their knife on the plate during dinner. (Apparently a knife laid across the top of your dinner plate means that you've finished eating in some countries.) My grandmother was always ready for some new adventure. She loved going places and meeting new people. I was thinking about this today while sitting on my deck drinking my protein shake when I literally said out loud, “Guess that's where I get it from.”
I get so bored so easily. Now I don’t mean day to day. I always can find something to do and I usually do-but just with places and routines in general. Scenery. Stuff. I realized many years ago that I …

Getting Back to Abnormal after Surgery

Today Callie and I did our first 2 mile walk since last summer. It may not seem like much but it was a bit of a push when you see it in context. To put it all in perspective let’s take a look at the past several months. It all started last July on my trip to Dallas, Texas on business.  My immune system decided to poop out on me and I broke out in hives all over. By the time mid-August rolled around, my heart issues had increased to the point that I was spending most of my days and nights in bed. Many of those days I couldn’t even lift my head or sit up. Some days I would make it to the couch for a change of scenery but, once again, I couldn't hold my head up or stomach watching television because the movement on the screen made me nauseated and dizzy. It was apparent something unusual was happening since this was becoming an everyday thing. As it turned out, my pacemaker I’d had in my chest since I was 23 was on its way to dead. The energizer bunny battery inside was dying. Here …

Update and What's New!!

We haven’t been neglecting you!! I know it’s been almost a month since you got a new post on Natasha’s Pages, but I promise I haven’t been sitting around twiddling my thumbs! I’ve had my pacemaker replacement surgery (which I will talk about more on tomorrow’s post), been through a couple of weeks of recovery with that, and have been working hard on some new things for YOU.
Here’s what’s new!!!
The Beauty Blog click here Ever wonder how I get those looks on my Instagram and Tumblr? This blog will show you how! This blog is full of makeup tutorials and it’s a great place for product reviews and skin care advice.
Fashion & Style Blog click here Check out the Fashion & Style Blog every single day for fashion inspiration and beautiful style.
Natasha’s Pages has categories! I’m so excited about this! Now whenever you pop onto you can click on a category and check out whatever topic you are interested in.
Coming Soon!!
Callie & Friends Callie is getting her own W…

Don't Let Fear Keep You From Using Your Talent (Yes, You Have One!)


Wreck This Journal: Week 3

For this week's Wreck This Journal Blog I'm going to show you a some ways I chose to spin some possible negative requests. I'll also show you a more personal side to my journal. Enjoy!!

 For my "Sleep With the Journal" page, I took my Sunday
afternoon Happy Nappy with my Journal. It was refreshing!

I drew a lovely heart for this page then licked my fingers and smudged away!  I surprised myself with how accurate
I was with this!! I really closed my eyes and tried!!
 With the "Write Carelessly" Page I closed my eyes and did a "Free Write." Not too bad on the penmenship and spacing if I do say so myself! Like I was going to purposefully make a mess!!
I just drew one and a little mop and broom action to
clean it up!

Hope you are having fun with your Wreck This Journal!! 

Called to the Mission of Blessing


Wreck This Journal: Week 2

I hope you guys have had some fun with your Wreck This Journal's this week. Below are some pictures of what I've worked on.

I made sure I had my Instruction pages, etc nice and doodled....

I took a different approach to the "Float This Page" page. The first time I saw it in the book I thought the little squiggles were clouds and I wondered, "How am I going to make this page float in the air?" Then I saw on instagram that others were interpreting it a little more correctly-the squiggles are supposed to be water ripples. They were floating the page in water. Not wanting to be outdone in this I went back to my original thought and made my page "float" in the air courtesy of four strings, white sewing thread, and four pins in the ceiling. I was very proud of myself for this one!

The "Freeze This Page" was very easy considering the "Snowmegedan" storm we had recently. I just filled a round cake pan with water and snow and let the nigh…

The Center of Everything