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February "No Facebook" Challenge!!

Wow, I’m late posting this one!! February’s challenge is one I am so excited about! Twenty-nine days (yay, leap year!) of no facebook! How many of you are like me and check facebook every morning to see what’s going on in everyone’s lives? How many times a day do you check facebook? Post to facebook? Add pictures to facebook? With the addition of the smart phone in our lives we are ever more increasingly connected digitally yet at the same time we are so ever expanding the disconnect between our friends and family. If it doesn’t wind up on a “status” or “wall” or (heaven forbid!) our friends and family have neglected to even have a facebook page, we just don’t know what’s going on in each other’s lives or keep in touch whatsoever. What ever happened to good, old fashioned letter writing? Phone call? Meeting face to face? February’s Challenge No Facebook! Write a letter or note to one person everyday this month and send it. Expected Benefits Less wasted time…on