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Advice To My Younger Self (video included)

I was inspired to do this post by a group of amazing female YouTubers who collaborated together to do these type of videos together. I thought it was a wonderful idea and I wanted to do something similar as well. I’ll have the channels of the ladies involved in that collaboration linked at the end of this post as well as my own video of the same subject. So if I could go back in time and give myself some advice it will be a LOT of stuff. My life has been quite interesting to say the least and I’ve experienced so much over the past thirty-eight years (wow, really?). Here is some of my advice to you from the things I learned a long the way. No one lives with the decisions made for you life but you so be sure you are the one who is making them. When you are old enough to start making life changing decisions, it is not wrong to disagree with your parents. You have to do what you know God has put in your heart. Be prayerful and mindful in your decisions but be sure you are the on