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Heart to Heart: Look Good for You-A Message for Busy Women

I’ve been there. Working in healthcare where you know by end of day you will be hot, sweaty, and possibly covered in someone else’s bodily fluids. Why would I “dress up” or care about doing any more than throwing my hair up haphazardly and putting on my polyester pajamas (also known as “scrubs”) and running out the door ready for the barrage of triage? I felt the exact same way but in my experience I noticed that the days when I put in more effort I had much better days at the “office.” On our hall we all wore the exact same outfit every day. Same pagers around attached. Same nametags (with different names, of course). Same penlights sticking out of our pockets. Etc, etc, etc. But we all had our own style! I’ve been there too. I’m not a mom but I am a work from home “Petmom.” You think, “If I’m not going out today to do anything other than drop off the dry cleaning and hop by the grocery store, why should I do anything more than throw my hair up haphazardly and put on my yoga