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My New Year's Resolutions: 2017

Since it’s the New Year, I thought I’d share a few of my New Year’s Resolutions with you. If you want some tips on setting goals or resolutions for yourself, click here  for my post on that topic. Remember, you can set resolutions ANY time, not just in January. Let me know if the comments below what a few of your Resolutions are.   My New Year’s Resolutions 2017   Get Up with the Alarm (or use no alarm at all)   Move Everyday   Eat Healthy & Meal Prep   More Organized as a Family   Continue “No Screens before Bed”   Word for the Year:   Intentional   Get up with the Alarm (or use no alarm at all)   When the alarm goes off,  I won’t cut if off and roll over.    I will start  allowing  myself  to wake up.   If  I  know  I  do not have to get up at a certain time (aka early) and I know my body will involuntarily wake itself up around a certain time (say  10am ) and it’s ok to get up then, don’t even set an alarm. Let  my  bod

5 Goal Setting Tips for 2017

It’s the new year and it’s a time when many of us take a look at our lives and reassess what we want to do and who we want to be. Now January is not the only time you can or need to do this but it seems to be the most popular time of year to set goals. So here are 5 tips to help you in your goal setting this year. Set Realistic Healthy Goals If you have a goal to lose weight (I use this because it seems to be quite popular in the new year) that’s fine. However, if you are a size 20 and say to yourself that you want to be a size 2 by year’s end, not only is that unrealistic it is also very unhealthy. That’s too much weight too fast. Plus you’ve got to be willing to think about and make the necessary changes in your lifestyle in general that will help you reach that weight loss goal. Are you willing to make those changes? If not, you are not being honest with yourself and the goal is not realistic. (Please note, it is very possible to get from a size 20 to a size 2 but slower