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Morning Routine (Video Too!!)

I wanted to do a blog post here in conjunction with a video on my YouTube channel all about my Morning Routine. The importance of a good morning routine and waking up well really helps you set yourself up for a great day. My morning routine consists of four basic things and everything else just works around those four components. They are not always performed in the same order everyday but this is the basic way things go down on a typical morning. My four basics are 1. Taking the dogs out 2. Breakfast 3. Reading my Bible & Praying (Quiet Time) and 4. Getting ready for the day (brushing my teeth, washing my face, getting dressed, etc.) The day usually starts with my alarm going off. I’ve learned that an “alarm sound” is too easy to turn off and roll over again to so I have set my alarm through my Pandora music app (which is free). When my alarm goes off, music starts playing and it lets me wake up a little easier. While I’m listening to the music, I check the intrawebs (