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Where We Come From

I have this awesome picture of my grandmother riding a camel in front of a pyramid. She obviously was in Egypt at the time that picture was taken. As a kid, and even when I got older, I used to love hearing her stories of visiting “The Holy Lands”, eating snake on a plane (no joke), and people at the table getting their plates taken away too soon because of the way they placed their knife on the plate during dinner. (Apparently a knife laid across the top of your dinner plate means that you've finished eating in some countries.) My grandmother was always ready for some new adventure. She loved going places and meeting new people. I was thinking about this today while sitting on my deck drinking my protein shake when I literally said out loud, “Guess that's where I get it from.” I get so bored so easily. Now I don’t mean day to day. I always can find something to do and I usually do-but just with places and routines in general. Scenery. Stuff. I realized many years ago