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8 Tips for Working from Home (video)

8 Tips for Working from Home 1. Get up at around the same time everyday. 2. Get dressed and ready for the day. 3. Have a bit of a schedule-even if it's flexible. 4. Take breaks & give yourself and goal "stop" time. 5. Make plans & give yourself deadlines. 6. Never. Stop. Learning. 7. Take a vacation & schedule days off. 8. Work. Check out the description box of the video on YouTube for more links and information!  Don't forget to subscribe by email here and also on YouTube. Thanks so much for watching!

Goal Boards & Inspiration Boards

Goal Board Inspiration Board Today I want to show you two great tools you can use to help keep your goals in front of you and encourage you to accomplish them. They are Goal & Inspiration Boards. There is a difference between the two and I'm going to let you take a look at some of mine and explain how I use them. These two simple and easy as well as fun tools have helped me so much to achieve my dreams and goals since I've been using them.  Here's a little peak at my office. You will see my Inspiration Board near my desk and (not pictured) my Goal Board is a much larger board on the other wall opposite my Inspiration Board. They are always visible to me which is great because as you can see, I like to keep my things at arms reach. My Goal Board is used to keep my Yearly Resolutions, Weekly & Monthly Goals, as well as my Wellness & Business goals on. Though the Weekly/Monthly Goals change often, the Board itself gets changed out seasonall

August Art Journal Flip Through (video)

Thanks for watching my August Art Journal Flip Through!! Click on the "YouTube" spot to open the video in YouTube and check out the links in the description box.  Let me know if the comments if any of you enjoy journaling or keeping a scrapbook!