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Inspired by Pulled Muscles and Mischief

Callie under MY heating pad. Well, what’s been going on with me lately? For the past few weeks I’ve been flat on my back in bed. Having pulled a muscle in my back, I’ve been unable to sit up or anything else for that matter! It’s been me and Callie shoving each other under the covers fighting for the rights to the heating pad. To be honest, she’s had more of a social life than I in these past few weeks. She’s grown accustomed to the neighbor dog, Maeley, and has spent several hours over there many days over the past several weeks. I’m thankful for that because it was a lot of help to me and, of course, Miss Social Butterfly-aka Callie. With all this time and immobility I had to be creative to fight off the boredom. I read books, watched Netflix, browsed Pinterest, and absolutely fell in love with this man named Tom Hiddleston. You may know him best as Loki from Thor and the Avengers, but he is an incredibly talented actor and ridiculously funny human being. I’ve been wa Natasha Medina

So willing to submit Despite the pain it’d cause So willing to obey Though You’re the Lord of all In humility You came My soul, sin-sick, to save Oh, how could I repay The cruelest sacrifice You gave Submitting greater still To fulfill Your Father’s will Gave up Glory Devine To clothe Yourself in flesh As wretched, weak as mine. Gave up Glory for the Dust To suffer things unjust All to take my place Your precious life You gave Now in awe of You I gaze In wonder, I’m amazed How unwilling I have been To turn away from sin When so willingly You gave My unworthy soul to save How ever would I repay I resolve myself-Obey!

December Challenge: Photo Scavenger Hunt!!

#2 and #27 Smile & Hat The Yearly Challenges of 2012 are OVER!! November’s early to bed, early to rise campaign wasn’t a complete failure or success. Insomnia has been an issue for me for many years so it was no surprise when early to bed just didn’t want to cooperate. I must say that rising early is a great way to get stuff done though! It’s amazing how much you can get done in the morning and how early you find yourself looking for fun stuff to do when the work is done. Sadly, the habit hasn’t stuck. But each day is a new day and if I can just remind myself to get up early “today” then I’ll get it! The List and #15 Written Words For December I wanted to do one of those daily photo challenges but after about 1 week into December I realized I was so far behind it probably wouldn’t be a full 31 day photo collage. That’s when I saw something on (dare I say it) Piniterest-a Nature Scavenger Hunt! Perfect! I decided to mesh the photo challenge and Scavenger Hunt tog