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Don't Let Fear Keep You From Using Your Talent (Yes, You Have One!)


Wreck This Journal: Week 3

For this week's Wreck This Journal Blog I'm going to show you a some ways I chose to spin some possible negative requests. I'll also show you a more personal side to my journal. Enjoy!!

 For my "Sleep With the Journal" page, I took my Sunday
afternoon Happy Nappy with my Journal. It was refreshing!

I drew a lovely heart for this page then licked my fingers and smudged away!  I surprised myself with how accurate
I was with this!! I really closed my eyes and tried!!
 With the "Write Carelessly" Page I closed my eyes and did a "Free Write." Not too bad on the penmenship and spacing if I do say so myself! Like I was going to purposefully make a mess!!
I just drew one and a little mop and broom action to
clean it up!

Hope you are having fun with your Wreck This Journal!!