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July Challange: Revisiting the Wisdom and Wit of Our Founding Fathers

This month I am going old school. I’m talking colonial! My challenge this month is to discover and post quotes* from our Founding Fathers. I believe July is the perfect month for this since we celebrate Independence Day on the 4 th .   (Which is not only the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence but it’s also my favorite holiday!) So far I’ve seen great wisdom, character, and national pride as well as an intelligent sense of humor among out Nation’s Founders. I’m excited to learn more and share their wisdom and laughter with you. Here is how it will work. To the right of this posting there is a button that says “Follow Me on Facebook.” Click that button and follow me! I will post a new quote* each day on my facebook page. At the end of each week I will compile them and post them here on the blog. Follow along and let’s learn together! Do you have any favorite quotes? Are there any motivational sayings that you enjoy? Post them here in the comments section