Heart to Heart: Look Good for You-A Message for Busy Women

I’ve been there. Working in healthcare where you know by end of day you will be hot, sweaty, and possibly covered in someone else’s bodily fluids. Why would I “dress up” or care about doing any more than throwing my hair up haphazardly and putting on my polyester pajamas (also known as “scrubs”) and running out the door ready for the barrage of triage? I felt the exact same way but in my experience I noticed that the days when I put in more effort I had much better days at the “office.” On our hall we all wore the exact same outfit every day. Same pagers around attached. Same nametags (with different names, of course). Same penlights sticking out of our pockets. Etc, etc, etc. But we all had our own style!
I’ve been there too. I’m not a mom but I am a work from home “Petmom.” You think, “If I’m not going out today to do anything other than drop off the dry cleaning and hop by the grocery store, why should I do anything more than throw my hair up haphazardly and put on my yoga pants and sneakers?” (Do you see a trend?) I’ve been guilty of that too, but here’s what I’ve found. On the days I throw on some makeup (doesn’t have to be a full on party face!) and put real clothes on, not only did I enjoy my errands and the people I meet around town more (let’s face it, if you look like crap and see someone you know you are more likely to hide!!) but I also find that I become way more productive. 

Bottom Line: Looking good gets the blood and brains flowing and you feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself, you enjoy whatever you’re doing more. When you are happy about what you are doing you are more productive. To put it simply, when you look good you feel good.
So here are some tips to help you out of your top knot polyester pajama yoga pant wasteland!

      Be Clean Yes, that means wear clean clothes and wash your face and hair too. Throw out those ripped up old shirts/shorts/pants/whatever and wear clothing that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be photographed in. (Let’s face camera phones with instagram and Facebook are EVERYWHERE!) Get rid of those thinned out scrubs with the fridge on the hems from walking on them all the time (if you have a choice, of course).  Wash your face in the morning and MOISTURIZE! Make sure your hair doesn’t look oily. Wash it regularly and give dry shampoo a try for those in between days to freshen it up.

          Light Makeup. When you go to work or pick up the kids looking glamorous isn’t necessarily a necessity but putting on a little makeup will help you look and feel more polished. If you are not in a creative play in makeup mood or are pressed for time try a tinted moisturizer or CC Cream. If you have oily skin, try a light foundation formulated for oily skin or concealer. Pop on some tinted lip balm and maybe some mascara and you’re done! If you have a little extra time and are feeling just a little adventurous, how about a cream eyeshadow and/or blush that can be quickly applied with the fingers. (I’ll be featuring examples of some of these quick and easy looks soon on my YouTube Channel). 

3      Brush Your Hair! Please, brush your hair. Make sure you keep your hair styled/cut in a way that is easy to maintain on your busy day to day basis. Sometimes you may show up to work with brushed nice looking hair only to end the day with it thrown up in the haphazard topknot. No problem! Throw up, spit, tears, blood, etc are more than enough to warrant that topknot but keep in mind those patients and children you dealt with today that smiled a little brighter and softened that hard exterior a little when that put together lady walked into the room with needles or demands of naps. Look nice and they may take you a bit more seriously. Looking good is also a confidence builder so no one better mess with you!

Just because you look nice doesn’t mean you won’t be taken seriously or aren’t tough. It just means you care enough about yourself to put your best self forward every day and be the confident woman God made you to be. You are worth your own effort. Yes, you.
Check out my YouTube Chanel for 4 easy looks to help you look good and feel good while you are at work or the PTA. They are easy and affordable with no special skills needed! Enjoy!!
Have  a great day, Gorgeous!!


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