Wreck This Journal: Week 3

Here's My Sign!!! I Learned this little acronym for H.O.P.E. recently: "Have Only Positive Expectations!"

For the "Write or Draw with Your Left Hand" page, I drew this little picture my dad, who is left handed, showed me how to draw when I was a little girl!

Collect Dead Bugs?? Notice the "Um, no..." Caption. I just put some stickers and drew a little lady bug!
I don't believe in recording negative thoughts. They aren't healthy! So I just put in some positive phrases with some grammatically negative words like No, Not, Can't, and Never.

I also don't believe in "defacing" yourself, so I decided to turn this page into a "Things I Like about Me" Page!!

 For my "Sleep With the Journal" page, I took my Sunday
afternoon Happy Nappy with my Journal. It was refreshing!

I drew a lovely heart for this page
then licked my fingers and smudged away!
 I surprised myself with how accurate
I was with this!! I really closed my eyes and tried!!
 With the "Write Carelessly" Page I
closed my eyes and did a "Free Write."
Not too bad on the penmenship and spacing if I do
say so myself!
Like I was going to purposefully make a mess!!
I just drew one and a little mop and broom action to
clean it up!

Hope you are having fun with your Wreck This Journal!! 


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