Morning Routine (Video Too!!)

I wanted to do a blog post here in conjunction with a video on my YouTube channel all about my Morning Routine. The importance of a good morning routine and waking up well really helps you set yourself up for a great day.

My morning routine consists of four basic things and everything else just works around those four components. They are not always performed in the same order everyday but this is the basic way things go down on a typical morning. My four basics are 1. Taking the dogs out 2. Breakfast 3. Reading my Bible & Praying (Quiet Time) and 4. Getting ready for the day (brushing my teeth, washing my face, getting dressed, etc.)

The day usually starts with my alarm going off. I’ve learned that an “alarm sound” is too easy to turn off and roll over again to so I have set my alarm through my Pandora music app (which is free). When my alarm goes off, music starts playing and it lets me wake up a little easier. While I’m listening to the music, I check the intrawebs (ALL THE APPS!!!), cuddle with the dogs, and, of course, have a photo shoot with Barry. Then we head outside for the pups to do their “business” and stretch their legs for a few minutes. After this we head back inside for breakfast. My favorite breakfast is featured as a recipe in the YouTube video below. Sometimes we will go for a 1 to 2 mile walk if we wake up early enough, but I will have breakfast first since I have hypoglycemia and will seriously crash and possibly pass out if I don’t eat before working out. But lately, we’ve been skipping that walk so after breakfast, Barry and I will head outside to the front porch so I can have my quiet time. (Click here for a blog post on this topic) This is when I read my
Bible and Pray to get myself in a positive state of mind before heading back in to get ready for the rest of the day. (In case you are wondering where Callie is during this time, she’s inside. She is a bit of an opportunist in the front yard and always winds up in someone else’s yard.) After my quiet time, Barry and I head back in so I can make the bed, straighten up a bit, wash my face, brush my teeth, get dressed, and all that good stuff. When that’s done I’m ready to tackle the day.

I give myself about 1 and half hours to 2 hours to complete my four basic morning routine tasks. Once again, some days vary and we can add some more things here and there but the four basics almost never change. For instance, some days after my quiet time I will pull out whatever book I’m reading and spend some time in that. As I mentioned before, we will sometimes walk a few miles in the morning and on other days we will just go around the neighborhood quickly to get the blood flowing. I know a lot of people have their “down” time or relaxing times in the evening but for me, I like to use those couple of hours in the morning to orient myself and prepare for the day. This is just what works best for me.

I’ve put together this fun video below where you can check out the pups and I getting ready for our day as well as an easy breakfast recipe. Enjoy!! Let me know in the comments what you like to do in your morning!



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