My New Year's Resolutions: 2017

Since it’s the New Year, I thought I’d share a few of my New Year’s Resolutions with you. If you want some tips on setting goals or resolutions for yourself, click here for my post on that topic. Remember, you can set resolutions ANY time, not just in January. Let me know if the comments below what a few of your Resolutions are. 

My New Year’s Resolutions 2017 
  • Get Up with the Alarm (or use no alarm at all) 
  • Move Everyday 
  • Eat Healthy & Meal Prep 
  • More Organized as a Family 
  • Continue “No Screens before Bed” 

Word for the Year: 

Get up with the Alarm (or use no alarm at all) 
When the alarm goes off, I won’t cut if off and roll over.  I will start allowing myself to wake up. If I know I do not have to get up at a certain time (aka early) and I know my body will involuntarily wake itself up around a certain time (say 10am) and it’s ok to get up then, don’t even set an alarm. Let my body rest all it needs then when I wake, WAKE UP and GET UP.  

Move Everyday 
To improve my hip and joint motility, move a little bit everyday—even if it’s just 3-5 minutes doing hip exercises. It’s imperative that I do not allow my joints to “lock up” and became painful from disuse. I will exercise for health. (Lose weight in the Kitchen, Get Fit in the Gymn.) 

Eat Healthy & Meal Prep 
I will eat foods that nourish me and satisfy my hunger. I will be intentional about having those foods readily available to myself. I will choose a day each week to prepare meals for the following week. I know when I eat what I should I feel much better physically. When I eat foods that are not good for me I feel uncomfortable and sick. (No, thank you) 

More Organized as A Family 
Since we are both home most evenings now and the weekends are open, we need to be sure each of us (my husband and I) are aware of plans, appointments, and dates we have scheduled. The simple solution is the large wall calendar on the kitchen. We can both add and be aware of any appointments we have singularly and as a family.  

Continue “No Screens before Bed” 
I started this several months ago, and it has allowed me to “shut down and relax my mind” before sleep. It also keeps me from working or mindless web surfing. It has enabled me to read lots of books as well. I get to wind down and put the electronics away so I can fully rest and go to sleep. 
Meal Prep and Food Journal

My Word for the Year is Intentional 
Things, for the most part, do not just “happen.” I have to make them happen. I must put in the work. I will be intentional in writing, filming, working, getting together with friends, eating healthy, and all the other important things.  

Here's My New Year's Resolutions Video!!


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