November Challenge: Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Callie on the Lake

So I must say August’s challenge has been one of my favorites!! September’s went BUST. October never got off the ground-even though I had picked out what I wanted to do. November is here and what I’ve challenged myself with is a little “early to bed early to rise” action. Now for me, early to bed is 1am or sooner. I’m an insomniac and have been all my life. To combat this, I’ve been trying to make sure I’m all set and ready for the next day by the Midnight mark and making sure I’m all ready for bed when sleep does come knocking at my brain. So far the challenge is, well, a challenge. I’ve been doing much better at the rising early party but the early to bed portion is still a challenge. I have been heading to my room around 11pm or Midnight to ready myself for bed for the most part but of course there was a certain movie premiere this week that had me getting in around 3am so there was no early to bed and barely an early to rise the next day with that one.  But I am confident if I keep up the good work with this, not only will have a great challenge month under my belt I will also have a great new habit! I’ll let you know how it goes!!!


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