Update and What's New!!

The view from my deck when I look up!!
We haven’t been neglecting you!! I know it’s been almost a month since you got a new post on Natasha’s Pages, but I promise I haven’t been sitting around twiddling my thumbs! I’ve had my pacemaker replacement surgery (which I will talk about more on tomorrow’s post), been through a couple of weeks of recovery with that, and have been working hard on some new things for YOU.

Here’s what’s new!!!

The Beauty Blog click here
Ever wonder how I get those looks on my Instagram and Tumblr? This blog will show you how! This blog is full of makeup tutorials and it’s a great place for product reviews and skin care advice.

Fashion & Style Blog click here
Check out the Fashion & Style Blog every single day for fashion inspiration and beautiful style.

Natasha’s Pages has categories!
I’m so excited about this! Now whenever you pop onto natashamedina.com you can click on a category and check out whatever topic you are interested in.

Coming Soon!!

Callie & Friends
Callie is getting her own Website!! Follow Callie & Friends on all her doggie adventures. You’ll even be able to send in pictures of your dog and they can be one of Callie’s friends too!!

What’s still here!!

Natasha’s Pages 
Follow Callie and me as we live our lives, have fun, and muse over everything under the sun! We should be finishing up our Wreck This Journal soon and starting on new Journal Prompts. I want our blog to be more interactive so if you have any ideas comment them below!!

YouTube click here
Natsbeautifullife is a beauty and lifestyle channel on YouTube. Stop by for weekly tutorials, reviews, favorites, and all kinds of things in between!

Instagram and Natsbeautifullfe makeupoftheday (See the Social Media links on the right.)

Follow me on Instagram and Tumblr for doses of color and cute. I’ll show you makeup looks you can find tutorials for on The Beauty Blog as well as all kinds of Callie cuteness.


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