Update & What I've Been Up To

Well, guys, long time no see on this blog! I’d like to give you guys a quick update and I promise to be more consistent on here in the upcoming months. I’m just going to start by giving you a little health update-I’m doing well. The ticker is still ticking! I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since my pacemaker replacement. I’m going in for my 6 month checkup this month (the pacer gets a checkup every 6 months) and I’m looking forward to the fact that the doctor can now get all the readings from this bad boy, not just the last ten like the previous box.  With the weather getting a little better now, Callie and I have started walking and hiking again. I tell you, that first several miles were fun but hard! You really do have to build back up. Sadly, I’m not a cold weather hiker-I just can’t handle that-so every spring I have to work my way up again. I have been exercising 20-30 minutes most days of the week so I didn’t get completely out of shape though.

We are living with my mother and sister in law right now. Our plan is to buy a house but we want to take our time and get the right house in a great area. For this reason, when our apartment lease was up we decided the best course was to stay with relatives until we could get what we wanted. It has been an adjustment but it’s working out.

I’ve been busy! In case you’re new here, in addition to being a blogger and makeup artist I’m a personal call assistant to direct sales managers. What I do is kind of like being a “call center” for them and their consultants for things like product questions, technical support, and anything else they need. I also help their new consultants learn how to start the business and show them how to plug into training and support them along the way. Some new clients have been coming my way lately and it has been keeping me on my toes! I love it though. I really do enjoy talking with the girls and helping them out.  With it being wedding season as well, I’m getting really booked for bridal makeup. I’m a super busy girl!
If you need me, I'm on the phone!!!

My creative side has been bursting out lately too! I’ve been doing a lot of smashbooking and art journaling. It’s been a lot of fun and it keeps me from going nuts! Artistic people have to have some form of outlet or they’ll explode. This has kept me intact. It’s also kept me going with my New Year’s Resolution to write more…now if I could only keep up with that “eat less dairy.”

Never fear! Callie is doing well also. In fact, right now she is in her usual place which is under the covers against one of my pillows (yes, I’m sitting in my bed). She loves the walking and the neighborhood we are living in is great for quick walks too. Our in laws also have a dog and before we moved in Callie had never really been too fond of her. Now they are really attached to each other and are hilarious to watch while they play. Bella (the other dog) is still kind of puppyish and quite a bit bigger than Callie so when Callie is done playing she hides away. Bella literally could play until she passes out. They are so cute together.
Callie (left) & Bella (right)

I believe that should catch you up for now. Check back with me soon for more updates, pictures, and various other musing! Have a great day, Gorgeous!


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