10 Things Successful People Do & 5 Things They Don't

Today we will be exploring 10 Things that I’ve noticed successful do and 5 things they don’t. I know there are a lot of posts similar to this going around on the interwebs right now so I wanted this to be a little different. These are things I’ve actually noticed in the lives of successful people. To be on this list I need to have witnessed it happen. So, in no specific order, here are the tips for success:

1.   They Get Up at a Certain Time Each Morning and Have A Set Morning Routine
Successful people tend get up around the same time every day and it’s usually early enough for them to accomplish certain things in a set morning routine. Now, for some people “early” is 4:30am (I think these people are crazy), for some it’s 7am, and for others it may be 9am. You know what “early enough” is for you. The morning routines I’ve noticed people keep usually involve things like quiet time/meditation, breakfast (of course), exercise, journaling, reading self development books, and simply getting themselves dressed and ready for their day. Feel free to try to get a up a little earlier than usual and implement one or two of these ideas.

2.    They Get Enough Sleep and Take Care of Themselves
Now, I know some people consider themselves “Early Birds” while others would classify themselves as “Night Owls” and science actually backs you up on this. It’s in your DNA. BUT you can make yourself more of a morning person and shift your internal “clock” a bit with Morning (mentioned above) and Night Routines. People who are successful tend to have a time of the evening when they “shut off” the work and “turn on” their rest and relaxation. You may not ever be someone who lays their head on the pillow and drifts away quickly to sleep at 10pm but here is a little advice from someone who’s done a little shift in her clock. (That’d be me, by the way.) At 10pm, all the screens go off. No TV, no phone, no tablet, nope. This keeps me from mindlessly surfing and wasting precious time OR working too late and not letting my brain “shut down” for rest mode. At 10pm, all the screens go off and I get in comfy clothes and get ready for bed. After that I can read, journal, listen to music, and whatever else suits my fancy until I feel my mind will finally “shut off” enough for sleep. I take this time to really get my brain into rest mode and take care of myself. (Face mask, anyone?) The bottom line, if you want your whits about you the next day, you’ve got to get some sleep the night before.

3.   They Exercise and Eat Well
I know people who spend hours in the gym. I’m not one of them even though I love the gym and can spend an hour easy in there. There are people whose business is IN the health and wellness field. We are not talking about them. We are talking about the regular, average, everyday, successful person. Exercise can be different things to different people, but no matter what your version of exercise is, it is very important. Whether it’s a 10 minute stretching session or a 20 minute walk in the morning or a 2 hour gym session to de-stress in the afternoon—just do it. Find what works for you and what YOU LIKE and there you go. Success! (well, in getting that exercise in anyway).
You will also find that successful people are disciplined in their food choices as well. No late night pizza here. (ok, sometimes but it’s not a habit) They eat to fuel the bodies and minds. What make them feel better and function well is what the continually put into their bodies.

4.   They Figure Out What They Really Want and Focus On It
Focus is so important in any area of your life. You may want to set a hundred goals and do the “right things” but you probably won’t accomplish all 100. You need to think about what you really want and what’s really important to you and focus on that. You want to “touch” the things you are focusing on each day. By that, I mean work on the little goals you set to accomplish these goals each day.

5.   They Write Down Their Goals and Keep Them In Front of Them
If you write down your goals as we’ve always be taught and then walk away or never look at them again—what good is that? You need to keep your goals in front of you. It will either propel you to greatness, remind you of things you need to do, or haunt you like a rat on a cheeto. I have a Goal board and Inspiration board in my office. My Inspiration board is mostly art and design focused and I don’t really use it for goals. My goal board, however, changes completely each season and the goals on it update monthly and sometimes weekly to remind me of my focus and what I need to do that week or month to accomplish them. Trust me, it’s very helpful at reminding me in many areas and haunting me at others. In either case, I can’t walk away and forget my commitments and goals.

6.   They Journal and/or Brain Dump and/or Free Write
I’m not talking memory keeping here. This type of journaling is more about assessment and planning. You can write down your goals, projects, ideas—basically anything—and use this as a catalyst to help you organize and plan your next move.

7.   They Have a Quiet Time
For me this is Bible Study and prayer. For others this may be guided mediation or reviewing your affirmations. You can also use this time to visualize your day and even your success. It’s how I get my mind “right” for my day ahead.

8.   They Know When to Work and When to Rest and When to Play
Seriously, it can be so hard when you are the boss or you work at home but it is so important to have a work schedule (loose as it may be). If I put too many specific times on my calendar, I freak out. But I know what I have to do, and I know what time frame I have to get it done or at least a goal to be done with my “to do’s” by. This is so important for you to be able to have a time to get “off” work and move on to rest and play. Don’t sacrifice the other important aspects and people in your life for your professional life. This includes your health. Rest and Play are necessary for you emotional and mental health.

9.   They Socialize with Friends and Are Friendly
Do not work all the time. I repeat. Do not work all the time. Successful people take time to socialize and do fun things with friends. For some this means vastly different things. You may be introverted and dinner and a movie may exhaust you or you may be more extraverted and you want to grab your friends and find an even bigger crowd to hang out in. Either way, do it. Do not try to be an island all to yourself. I’ve also noticed that no matter the personality, successful people are friendly and are quick to make other feel important. This is a great trait that everyone should work to have. Mary Kay Ashe always taught her sales people to imagine that everyone was wearing an invisible sign around their necks that said “Make Me Feel Important.” That’s EXACTLY what successful people do.

     They Continue Learning
This could be in the form of books, seminars, webinars, podcasts, classes, or anything that teaches. Never stop learning or improving in the knowledge of your trade or profession. I recently read that CEO’s read an average of 60 books per year. That is some serious learning!

Now here are 5 things I’ve never seen in a successful person. They are just things people of purpose NEVER do:
Nothing is accomplished when you complain. You are wasting valuable breath and air. I had a manager who told me I could have a 5 minute personal pity party then it was time to get back to work. Things don’t always go well and sometime people will disappoint you but you have to get over it, get on with it, and get back to work.
Please don’t tell me I have to elaborate on this.

3.    Sit Around and Wait for Someone to Tell Them What To Do or for Things to Just Happen
You have to take initiative. You have to be a little creative. You have to DO something. If you always follow you can never lead. You also can’t just wait around and expect someone else to do it for you and all your dreams come true. This is a very bad fantasy.

4.    Blame Others
Successful people take responsibility for the failures and learn from them.

5.    Walk Around Aimless With No Plan or Deadline
When you first start out at a business, you truly are flying by the seat of your pants. But 2 years later and you want to rise in the ranks of your station and that just won’t do. You have to have a plan and a deadline. Plans help you accomplish your goals and deadlines propel you to work toward those goals each day.

So that’s it for this list of tips from what I’ve noticed about successful people and things I never notice in them. I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you’d like more posts like this. I’ve learned so much over the years. Working for yourself if basically personal growth on steroids and I’ve been doing it for a while. Thanks so much for reading and have a great day, Gorgeous!

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