Learning from Failure; Moving Toward Success by Natasha Medina

I’m not an expert on a lot of things but I am an expert in the abstract skill of “bounce back ability.” Without this skill you will never move on from the failures of your life and move toward success. The catch is: in order to “bounce back” you must first have a failure. Failures are just a part of life. To be honest I see no such thing as failure in life unless of course a person never tries anything. That is the only true failed, wasted life. God has put us here for so much more!

Mary Kay Ash always said that she’d “failed forward to success” and failed forward she did. Starting already retired and with only $5,000 and 9 girls (a week after her husband passed away) amidst a sea of negative influences telling her she’d be broke within her first year, she began a small cosmetic company that has become in less than 50 years a debt-free billion dollar per year corporation with over a quarter of a million consultants operating in 35 different countries. Not too shabby for a lady who always insisted her knees were the bloodiest and bruised around because she’d fallen so much more than anyone else. She’d fallen only to get back up. That’s success.

In my own life I have come to the conclusion and firmly believe that when undesirable circumstances and pain come into my life it is, if for no other reason, so that I can help someone else later or maybe be better equipped to understand someone else who needs it later. Truly if I had never been poor, I couldn’t sympathize with the poor. If I’d never experienced a failure I couldn’t encourage someone who has just failed. If I had not been in the depths of despair only to experience peace again then how I could tell a destitute soul that it will get better?

James says to count it all joy when you face trials because it is creating great character in you. (James 1:2) When we are facing trials and the pain is real it can be hard to be joyful, but faith in a living God will bring you through these trials knowing that good WILL come of it (Romans 8:28) and there is nothing that can shake His purpose!

When failure comes your way look for that meaning or lesson just under the surface. What can you learn from this? Is there someone who can benefit from your experience here? If you can’t seem to find the lesson, ponder your feelings and thoughts in your heart. The day will come when the knowledge and understanding you have obtained from just that time pops into your head and you have the “aha” moment and you will be glad you have to experience required to help a fellow brother or sister in need.

I read a profound statement today. Tom Newberry said it his book “The 4:8 Principle” that humility isn’t thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less. When what is seemingly a failure arises, don’t put the focus on yourself and how it hurts and effects you; rather turn that around to what you can learn from the experience, what you can see only from standing in that place, and how you can benefit another with this knowledge.

With this attitude and outlook on what some may consider failure, we can realize an outstanding fact. There is no such thing as failure. We cannot be defeated. Everything is for an extraordinary reason. Failure is just a teacher. Learn from her and move on toward the next class-Success.


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