Wreck This Journal: Week 2

I hope you guys have had some fun with your Wreck This Journal's this week. Below are some pictures of what I've worked on.

I made sure I had my Instruction pages, etc nice and doodled....

I took a different approach to the "Float This Page" page. The first time I saw it in the book I thought the little squiggles were clouds and I wondered, "How am I going to make this page float in the air?" Then I saw on instagram that others were interpreting it a little more correctly-the squiggles are supposed to be water ripples. They were floating the page in water. Not wanting to be outdone in this I went back to my original thought and made my page "float" in the air courtesy of four strings, white sewing thread, and four pins in the ceiling. I was very proud of myself for this one!

The "Freeze This Page" was very easy considering the "Snowmegedan" storm we had recently. I just filled a round cake pan with water and snow and let the nightly freezing temperatures take care of the rest!

Here are more this week's highlights!

"Draw With Glue" I used Glitter Glue

"Sew This Page" Sewing into paper is not as easy as one would think!

I don't typically have pocket lint, so I drew some.

My "pocket lint" is Glitter Glue lol

This is for the "Glue the lint in your pocket to this page" Page. 

Done & Done! Some of the pages I've seen on the web of this page are astounding!
"Cuz I'm a rebel!!" lol

Don't forget to share you creations with me on Instagram with the hashtag #winat!!!
See you next week!

(The Wreck This Journal is by Keri Smith and can be found wherever books are sold.)


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