by Natasha Medina

I cannot be cursed
For before me sounds
The Shout of the King

Hell’s weapons
Cannot prosper against me
For surrounded am I
By the fiery, protective swords of angels.

On each side,
Before and behind,
I’m shielded by angels’ wings.

No dark force or evil way
Can penetrate such a hiding place.
The Shadow of the Almighty
Is stronger than any iron wall.

My God is my Fortress,
Mighty, Strong, and Faithful.
No foe dare turn his face this way.

What shall I fear?
Fear itself.
For only the fear made from my head
As it lies can toy with my peace.
For every foe, every weapon, every enemy
My Savior, for me, has shown defeat.

I CANNOT be cursed.
I am blessed.
Hear the Almighty’s Shout,
“She is Mine! Beware!”


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