East to West

I wrote this years ago in an airplane on my way to Las Vegas for (of all things) a wedding.

East to West
by Natasha Ann Medina

I feel so high as I look down at clouds
Almost in an instant miles away from where I began
From roaring ocean waves and sandy beaches
To rock mountains and dusty trails
Yet in the great scheme of it all
In the narrowness of my mind creeps the thought
You made those crashing waves, dusty roads, and
Clouds over which I am soaring
You made east and west, the ocean which
Contains them-You made them all
I never feel small except in the times of thinking
When I realize I marvel at the things You’ve made
Then I am mindful of how You
Made me in Your own image
Then I begin to feel very small
For the Creator God who spoke all Creation into existence,
The sun, the stars, each canyon low, each mountain high,
Calls me daughter, sees me as friend
Then I begin to feel high again
For I am fearfully and wonderfully made
In Your Own image
You loved enough to think of me and walk each day,
Close beside me, never leaving, along the way
I look down at clouds
You look down on stars
You hold them tight in the palm of Your hand
But me, I’m special
In Your arms I dwell, held ever so tightly
And listen as You tell
“I made these clouds, I made these seas
But you are the creation most precious to Me.
I spilled blood for you so that in time to come
You could look down at stars with Me.”


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