Faithful One

by Natasha Ann Medina

You hold on so tight
You would never let go if You could
Though I fight and bite Your hands
Then lick the sores
You love me just the same
Do I make you cry?
I must so often break Your heart
What's so special about me
But You living in me?
Undeserving of Your love
You are the Faithful One.

Faithful to me
Always the same
You love me
Never any less
Impossible to love more
Undeservingly so
You are faithful to me

I praise You
I thank You
So worthy of all praise
When I fall
You still hold me
Your hands are upon all my days

Your blessings
Without measure
Shower my life, my love, my ways
With just a whisper
You will deliver
Faithful to me throughout all my days


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