12 Months of Resolutions!!

Join me on my journey of 12 monthly challenges designed to benefit my health, relationships, and lifestyle! Each month throughout the year I will be abstaining from one habit or item while adding a new beneficial habit or item. Feel free to take the challenges with me and let me know about your progress!

January Challenge: Eat every meal at a dining table with no television or computer distractions.
Abstaining/Adding: I’m taking away the extra distractions especially television which can lead to mindless eating and adding the dinner table for all meals.

Expected Benefits · More deliberate food choices
· Less mindless eating because I will be aware of “eating”
· Less additional eating because I’ve got to eat at the table.
· More conversation with family and friends due to less outside distractions.

Expected Difficulties:· Getting others to turn off the TV.
· Eating while traveling.
· Meetings and events where “grazing” is encouraged.

The Rules:· All meals must be eaten at the dining table.
· Any fast food must be eaten at a table (no more drive through in a pinch-I have to go in now or take it home).
· If at all possible when I am at a restaurant with televisions, I must sit with my back to it.
· I am allowed a quick snack on the run (such as already small portioned chips or piece of candy) in case of dropping glucose levels –Don’t want to get sick!! All other snacking will be consumed at the table.
· No television, internet, or Netflix while eating.
Exceptions: I will still eat at the table without focus on TV, if my husband is home and there is a Carolina Basketball game on.


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