Week 1 Under My Belt!!

With Week 1 of this month’s challenge under my belt, I can honestly say it’s been a little eye opening and not everything has gone as I expected. I did keep to the challenge and ate only at the table sans Television, so I am proud that I kept to my goal, but I’m not so proud of the things I noticed! Like, some days I eat very little and some days I can’t seem to get enough. I was surprised on Thursday by just how many times I found myself at the table with snacks! Sheesh! Whereas today, I’ve had to stop and make myself eat a little something for lunch…around 3:30pm! I’ve also been keeping a journal of what I’m eating. It’s been easier to remember with the table eating I must admit and looking over the past week I can truly say I’m slow going back into the healthy eating routine I had been practicing before the holidays. All is not lost! The Challenge has just begun and I now can see the benefits of purposefully eating---the actual “act” of eating.

Now to the surprises. When I first mentioned my challenge of the month to my husband he seemed to think it wouldn’t be a health benefit at all. He seemed disappointed and like he felt it was just “something to do.” He had no vision!! I, on the other hand, I had visions of grandeur. Visions of the family eating together at the table and having discussions about our days, lives, dreams…you get the point. Truth is, eating at the table minus the Television has made for some quiet, lonely dinners! I work from home so lunch consists of me at the table alone with a begging dog. On occasion my husband does come home from work for lunch but he’s usually glued to some game of shooting or dragons or something of the like so I might as well be home alone. He also works a lot of nights and doesn’t get home until late (theatre hours!) and so I’m by myself for dinner. This is also attributed to the fact that many of my friends who would be over for dinner are still out of town for the holidays or just getting back in the swing of things after the holidays. Last night I thought I had my chance at an actual family dinner!! My husband had called in sick from the second job and would be home for the evening! I made dinner! He came home from the office and went straight to bed. He actually was sick. So I enjoyed one more quiet, lonely dinner with a begging dog.

I shall not be deterred!!! It is only week 1! I still have a family! We will EAT TOGETHER!! We will have discussion! There will be laughter and “pass the bread!” It will happen as sure as my name is…well, you get the point. All is not lost.

What’s a great meal that gets your family to the table? How are you doing in your challenges? Let me know by commenting below or emailing me at natashamedina@live.com

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