Jan 2, 8am; Day 2: So far So good :-)

Yesterday I tried something I saw on Pinterest, a website that I’m sure I’ll have to put on the abstain list at some point just to check my willpower. I was staying at my parents’ house for the weekend where the cupboards are often scarce so for breakfast Monday morning I had to be a little creative. Enter the Pinterest posting. I laid the toaster on its side and inserted my two slices of bread and on one slice I laid my cheese slice for a perfect and easy toasted cheese sandwich. However, while said sandwich was in toasting I heard “mother nature” calling and a pit stop toward breakfast was made. When I returned from the powder room the toaster was finished with its handy work but my sandwich was not in it. I proceeded to look down and there was my perfectly toasted sandwich…on the floor with a fluffy puppy standing over it. It seems that while I was away the toaster popped my sandwich out and force plus gravity took hold and down it went! Not to be discouraged I tried again, this time aiming the toaster top toward the counter with a high ridged plate a few inches from its top. I stood watch this time and when the toaster popped my precious breakfast out I was there to witness a beautiful thing. The toaster popped the sandwich straight on the plate whose ridges caught before it could go any farther and both slices landed almost perfectly on one another ready to devour! Woot! Success!! And yes, I ate it at the table. No television, just the sight of two little doggies pestering one another at eight in the morning.

And don't judge me for my morning soft drink. You probably enjoy a nice cup o' joe for your morning caffeine. I, however, have an unhealthy love affair with a certain Dt. drink.


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