On the home stretch...

I’m on the home stretch of this month’s challenge and may I just say this has been hard! I’m proud to say that for the most part I have stuck to my guns by eating all my meals at the dining table but I will admit to faltering a time or two. After weeks of doing so well and consciously preparing meals and eating at the table I was surprised to realize that one night for dinner I found myself munching on leftovers on the coffee table watching Netflix without even a thought! I just sat down and went to it and it was only after a few minutes that I discovered my blunder. I guess this goes to prove just how mindless we can be in our habits. I, once again, found myself last night in front of my computer eating an orange. Are you kidding me!?! So close!!! As for those dinner “dates” with the husband at our own dinner table, those have gotten more frequent. I’ve recently adopted a more vegan approach to my eating and have been trying to make new things that have gotten the man’s curiosity up. This has resulted in dinner as a family more often. So not only are we eating a more healthy diet we are also eating together. It’s a lovely side effect.

This brings me to my other happy discovery! I took a business trip to Nashville, TN last weekend and I was a bit concerned on how I could continue to keep my challenge goal as well as my healthier diet. Thankfully the group I travelled with stopped for meals so I was able to eat at a table though I did munch on a Nature Valley bar for lunch on the way back in the van. Our hotel didn’t have tables in the rooms so I found myself eating my breakfast (yes, I traveled with some healthy options) standing in front of the armoire. As for the healthy diet, well, hats off to Nashville! I was surprised to see there were not many vegetarian options on a few of the restaurant menus but as soon as I made a request or advised the waiter I was a vegetarian I was happily offered an option not found on the menu. Everything I had which was not mentioned on the menu was amazing and I hope one day there will be enough “Veggers” that our dietary preferences will not be overlooked on the menu and kept a hushed little secret between myself and the chef.

Overall I think this challenge has been helpful in opening my eyes to the destructive or helpful nature of the habits we adopt to the point of mindlessly obeying. It’s kept me purposeful and conscious of what I’m putting in my body and how much. This challenge has also opened up a door to communication with love ones without everyday distractions. There are six more days of this challenge! Hang in there with me as we race to the finish!

I’m looking forward to next month’s challenge. All I will say is buy some stamps! This one is going to be exciting and intense! More details coming soon!!

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